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Insight Literature Handbook

Insight Literature Handbook

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Insight Literature Handbook
Robert Beardwood

Release Date: 2012

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ISBN: 9781921411809

Price: (USD) $39.95 / (CAD) $42.95

The New guide to analyzing literature. The Literature Handbook is a comprehensive and accessible reference book for all Years 10-12 students and teachers. From close analysis through to understanding and applying literary theory, this handbook introduces the essential knowledge and skills needed to analyze literature in a fresh and engaging way.
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  • Defines and explains the major terms and techniques used by writers of novels, short stories, plays and poems
  • Contains hundreds of examples from a wide range of texts that cover both British and American traditions
  • Explains various critical approaches to literature, including a variety of key literary theories
  • Includes a literary timeline and a succinct glossary of relevant terms for quick reference.


  • Presents definitions and explanations in a clear, accessible style
  • Provides strategies and models for close analysis of fiction, drama and poetry
  • Contains all the reference tools needed to study literature in a single compact resource
  • Shows students how to write incisive, analytical responses to texts.

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